Citizen Kane ★★★★★

The fact that Citizen Kane is so frequently regarded as the best film of all-time almost dooms it to a fate where contemporary audiences will continue to be disappointed because of their naturally enormous expectations. Thankfully however, the film's legacy speaks for itself and the majority of audiences do enjoy it for what it is; a tremendous piece of cinema.

Whether it's your's, or my, personal choice for the best film of all-time is arbitrary, because film, like any art form, is a subjective experience with numerous exterior factors that contribute to an individual formulating their own opinion. What's key to Citizen Kane's acclaim is that it's almost impossible to argue against someone regarding it as their favourite. It earns its status, because, quite simply, it delivers on every cinematic level.

Sure, it does take a little too long to get going, and the pace doesn't increase much thereafter (which seems to be the biggest issue for modern audiences), but once the stunning non-linear narrative, ground-breaking technical stylistics and breathtaking performances develop, audiences are rewarded with the film they had such high expectations for. Few films have managed to remain as significant, poignant, influential and entertaining through eight, very different, decades.

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