• Room 237

    Room 237

    A strange documentary about an even stranger film. This is what film theory is all about, although some of the ides might be a bit far fetched, they demonstrate beautifully just how much can be read between the lines throughout any film. Kubrick was a genius and demanded his films be watched over and over. This documentary highlights why.

  • Generation Iron 3

    Generation Iron 3


    As great as these documentaries are at shining a light on the sport of bodybuilding, and there aren’t many better than this trilogy, they have declined in quality since the first. Following the elite through the various stages towards Mr Olympia allowed for such an easy structure in 1 that just isn’t repeated in 2 and 3. I get that they probably wanted to diversify their documentary content and style but they have sacrificed it for quality.

    Also I miss Mickey Rourke’s narration.

  • Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople


    I think the best word for this film is adorable. It is simplistic in its plot and comes across as slow. But when you remember this is Taika Waititi’s first film, you realise it is one of the best introductions, especially for such a young director. 

    Performances are solid, Sam Neil and Julian Dennison have great chemistry. The film could have really failed if they didn’t deliver.

    I’m glad to have finally seen this so I can put to bed…

  • Three Identical Strangers

    Three Identical Strangers


    Amazing story about humanities highs and lows, about brotherhood and family. The documentary style is brilliant, telling the story as it unravels without being purposefully too vague. 

    This is certainly one of those stories that you wouldn’t believe if you just heard it, and would sound too far fetched if you made it up.

    If you like this film then I highly recommend ‘Dear Zachary’ (best documentary) and ‘Tell me who I am’