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  • Girls Nite Out

    Girls Nite Out


    Girls Nite Out, also known as The Scaremaker, is a decent, if slow moving, Halloween knockoff that sees the killer stalking and killing innocent college students during an all-night costume party/scavenger hunt. The hook here is the killer commits their dastardly deeds while wearing a hilarious bear costume - the school mascot. 

    Seriously, the bear costume is probably the most memorable element to this movie. The characters are mostly bland, and the story is the kind of generic where you…

  • Cursed



    This movie is an irrelevancy machine and I love it! 

    How did they manage to craft a story, reshoot it, reshoot it again and somehow subplots involving Craig Kilborn’s (off the air before this movie came out) late night show AND a Scott Baio still made the final cut!?

    OK, on some level I get why the Weinstein’s might have not liked this movie. After all, they were probably expecting another Scream — a melting pot, modernized high school Whodunit…

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  • Ambulance



    This is an enjoyable enough for an afternoon watch, but I am flabbergasted the studio thought this would perform well at the box office. Really? How?

    Ambulance is a clear throwback to ‘90s action cinema, films like Speed or Die Hard With A Vengeance. It also combines the “stuck to something” genre that includes films like 127 Hours and Buried. Both subgenres have been largely commandeered by the direct to video market, significantly lessening the value (and audience interest) of…

  • The Hustle

    The Hustle


    An all-white female-driven remake of an unofficial female-driven remake (Heartbreakers) of an official remake (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) of the original 1964 film, Bedtime Story.

    This minimally amusing comedy sees a duo of con artists (Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson) who compete against each other while in France. The Hustle really wants to be a laugh riot. Alas, the humor is spread way too thin, and the plot runs out of comedic steam about a half hour in.

    The film also…

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  • Siege



    Holy shit, this was straight fire! 

    Seige feels almost like it was made today! The police have gone on strike. A group of right wing terrorists attack a gay bar. One of the bar patrons escapes, finding refuge in an apartment. What follows is a gory, nail-biting thriller akin to Escape from New York, Night of the Living Dead or Assault on Precinct 13, but somehow darker and moodier.

    The film starts off strong and never lets up, building dread with…

  • The Fifth Element

    The Fifth Element


    “Leeloo Dallas, Multipass.”

    An all-timer right here, and one of the most inspirational films of my life. The Fifth Element is positively dripping with imagination and creativity.

    I saw it when I was 16 and it’s had a serious impact on my own journey as a writer. It was also a clear inspiration to George Lucas, who borrowed a handful of ideas for his Star Wars prequels. And James Gunn, who borrows more than a few ideas for his equally excellent…