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  • Phantom of Death

    Phantom of Death


    This movie is straight up awesome!

    Michael York plays a pianist who begins to show signs of a genetic disorder that rapidly ages him. The disease makes him go mad and he starts killing people. Meanwhile police are hot on his trail.

    The aging subplot plays A LOT like the aging subplot from The Fly II. There’s even a dog that our lead connects with in a lab. Only this film arrived a full year prior. At the same time,…

  • Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout

    Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout


    I watched Videodrome before checking this out. A very surreal combo! This basically feels like some kind of middle-of-the-night pirate broadcast that no one was actually meant to see. And yet, here I am, reviewing the amazing new Blu-ray from Terror Vision!

    This is less a film and more like a promotional piece for a bunch of David DeCoteau movies featuring Linnea Quigley. It’s a mix of clips, workout routines and other schlocky B-movie nonsense, like ravenous pool party zombies…

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  • Stealing Harvard

    Stealing Harvard


    “Scott’s Tots” the movie. 

    Absurdist, silly caper sendup about a guy who tries to steal money to pay for his niece’s college (that he promised to pay for years earlier) is very Peter Sellers inspired at times, and surprisingly funny, too.

    There’s an outstanding cast here, with just the right amount of Tom Green to keep things strange, but it’s Leslie Mann who steals the show. Also be sure to look out for a young Nick Offerman!

    Very early 2000s…

  • Freddy Got Fingered

    Freddy Got Fingered



    I watched this on The Criterion Channel, which is where Freddy Got Fingered was always destined to land, let’s be honest. Kidding aside, this is easily the most unhinged, deranged mainstream comedy that Hollywood has ever released. Ever.

    It’s like Green took every studio note and worked them all into a warped, twisted, cynical, deeply nihilistic body horror parody of self indulgent privilege, white excess and broken values, complete with horse penis masturbation, elephant ejaculation and newborn spinnings. The…

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  • Captain Ron

    Captain Ron


    Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean owes A LOT to Captain Ron, namely to actor Kurt Russell. His nutty laissez faire Captain is curiously similar to what would become Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow. In fact, there are numerous jokes that get reused in Pirates. Hell, Pirates of the Caribbean is even mentioned in this film, several times! There’s even *actual* pirates in the film, too!

    And this makes sense. After all, Disney owns Captain Ron. And despite being a somewhat family-friendly…

  • Popcorn



    I have no idea why more people don’t talk about this film. It’s a blast! But for some reason, a large portion of horror fandom has something of a blind spot for this hugely entertaining meta horror flick. Perhaps it’s the simple fact that the movie came out in 1991 – not exactly the era of the classic slasher. But rather, an era where fans where moving on to different genre styles. As such, this film has long struggled to…