Moonlight ★★★★★

I need to start this review by immediately talking about the magic that started before I even entered the theater.

One friend. One really close friend. I called him a day prior and told him it was happening. Moonlight was finally happening, here, in our little town of Orlando. He jumped on board and cleared his night for it. 10 PM. We were ready.

We grabbed a beer. Caught up because we only have these moments to get the chance to. Walked across the street to theater, and there were two friends we hadn't seen in months, also close. There for the same purpose. Already, I feel the importance of this movie.

We go in to take our seat for the 2nd showing of the night, the first of which sold out at 7 PM. We all spot 4 more close friends from school. This is becoming the best unintentional plan I've ever been privy to.

And then we sit down to the incredible slew of A24 trailers. And then the lights go down.

Friends, I can't really tell you anything about what happened between the lights' rise and fall. This movie isn't about getting on your social media sites and displaying your critical thoughts for followers and friends. It's about experiencing it. It's about your emotional reaction to what you see depicted. You can't affect anyone else's but your own.

That's all that can be said from my digital tongue. I know for a fact that you won't know what to say because I stared at 7 of my closest friends, and none of us could think of a better word to say than the other. We umped, cried, yelled, and searched for the next showtimes. We looked at each other in amazement.

We all loved the movie, but we all loved each other with the movie more.

Moonlight deserves your attention. If you have ever loved, ever. It's waiting for you.