John Wick: Chapter 4

John Wick: Chapter 4 ★★★★★


Was looking forward to this, especially after the insanely positive reactions to it. I was surprised to hear people describe it as being one of the best action films ever, and was wondering how it would actually stack up to those statements. I figured I would find it slightly overhyped, but hell no. This was fucking incredible. 

I’m about to smoke a bowl so I’m not gonna dive too deep, but the story is probably my favourite out of the four films. It’s not anything amazing as expected, but it’s definitely an improvement over the last couple, and it’s told quite well. The movie is 3 hours long, but I never felt it drag or anything. It’s almost non stop action the entire time and it managed to not be repetitive (which was my main issue with 3) besides maybe a couple of parts that overstayed their welcome a tad. The choreography is insanely good, and there’s just so many phenomenal action scenes. One set in a club where John fights this guy named Killa was when I realized how much I loved this movie. It does a great job of building up the tension before big moments, which is something the other films in the series didn’t do as much, so it makes the pivotal fights that much more intense. The film is also fucking gorgeous, easily one of the best looking movies I’ve seen, it all comes back to that club scene which just blew me away. There’s this one shootout that has a Birds Eye view the entire time and felt like it was straight out of hotline Miami. The movie just dials it up to 100, when I already thought the previous films did that. I’m genuinely blown away by the quality of this movie. This takes over Top Gun Maverick and MI6: Fallout for me. Best action film in a decade.



Damn I’m high. Damn I don’t want this series to be over. Like great ending. But it just feels like John wick would be one of those series that just keeps adding entires, and I would just go yeah, sweet. But it’s probably over. Like god damn what a curveball.

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