Hereditary ★★★★½

Seeing Hereditary for a second time has finally solidified it for me as a modern horror classic and I'm raising my rating from 7/10 to a 9/10.

Back when I initially saw it I remember being completely stunned at that scene 30 minutes in, both me and the entire theatre gasping in unison. Seriously incredible stuff. But for me the film never quite returned to form after that point.

Second time round though and most of my issues have melted away because damn it holds up and dare I say improves.
Knowing how Hereditary's sinister narrative plays out takes nothing away and perhaps even adds to it. The true terror lingering in the audience's knowledge of what is coming for the central family and witnessing their headlong descent into disaster.

It's not perfect, relying a bit too much on exposition, but it's an astonishinly scary and accessible horror that will absolutely help raise the bar of the genre for years to come.

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