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  • The Border

    The Border

    Jack Nicholson, Harvey Keitel, Warren Oates, and a Ry Cooder score. I mean, shit, if I ain't sold you on this movie already, I don't know what will. I don't know if we can be friends. This is a sunny, sweaty neo-noir with a real mean streak behind it. Nicholson's fantastic. Gives one of his most underrated performances. There's a simmering intensity to him in this film that reminded me of De Niro in Taxi Driver. He's a man just wanting to do the right thing.

  • Missing in Action 2: The Beginning

    Missing in Action 2: The Beginning

    Didn’t have to be an hour-forty but other than that it was entertaining enough. I mean, it’s Cannon, for fuck’s sake, you know what you’re getting into.

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  • Swing Shift

    Swing Shift

    The released version of Swing Shift is watchable if mediocre romance from a very talented filmmaker. The workprint/director's cut of Swing Shift is a completely different beast. It isn't a romance, and it isn't mediocre.

    The workprint of Swing Shift is about what life in the U.S. was like during WW2 and the relationship between two friends. Goldie Hawn's affair with Kurt Russell in this film is kind of taken aback by the friendship between Hawn and Christine Lahti, unlike…

  • The Mule

    The Mule

    Clint Eastwood is one of my favorite filmmakers. Sure he’s had some duds, and his past is very checkered, but I respect him. He’s nearly ninety and still doing what he loves. He’s an American icon for a reason. With two masterpieces - Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby - and a slew of great movies under his belt, who couldn’t like him? When the man’s on the dot, no one can touch him.

    Like Gran Torino, The Mule is a…