The natural continuation of Craven's post-New Nightmare career; a masterpiece of meta-horror, genre critique, and sharp comedy. Not only is the film totally aware of standard horror conventions, but it actively redefines cliché into something modern and empathetic. Of course, with a different filmmaker, this may have easily turned into genre-hate, but Craven understands his place in shaping culture, and so while Scream absolutely satirizes the genre, it does so with a wink and a hug.

Terror and laughter are in perfect balance, with brutality fused to comedy and smiles found in the carnage. Obviously, the film's self-awareness is quite funny, but references to horror's history would rapidly fade into silence without actual visual revision. Rules are shattered, virginity is not salvation, alcohol not a deadly sin, and boobs are only teased.

-Craven has always found deep empathy in terrible trauma

-Neve Campbell is an icon

-How did Craven visualize Freddy AND Ghostface to infamy?

-Lillard is unhinged glory

-Utterly perfect because it both subverts and exists comfortably within subversion

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