House ★★★½

'House (1985)' starts out as a relatively straight-laced horror, with only a few laughs thrown in here and there. Before long, however, it transitions into a full-on absurdist comedy, sprinkling its horror with heaps of humour. It gets really silly but it isn't a spoof; it always maintains a balance between its giggles and its scares, keeping its real-world frights firmly rooted in the subconscious of its protagonist. It's often really funny and, perhaps more importantly, is constantly quite a bit of fun. In general, it's surprisingly effective. I wouldn't be surprised if it inspired 'Evil Dead II (1987)', to be honest, because it's quite similar in tone - even though it's nowhere near as refined. Though its plot is a bit loose and its Vietnam war aspects are a little shallow, it's a really entertaining comedy-horror that takes itself just seriously enough to work. It's a good time throughout.

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