• Code Unknown

    Code Unknown


    My second go-round with this staggering work by Haneke. The fragmentation of stories of people's lives that weave in and out of one another's, with varying degrees of subtlety. Quite effective this second viewing and the first time I watched it was several years ago, nearly a decade if I had to guess, and this time I was quite blown away. I think it may be a bit loud with it's message at timea, but it needs to be heard, and some are harder of hearing than others and so I applaud Haneke for his efforts and powerful storytelling.

  • The Castle

    The Castle


    Haneke adapts an unfinished Kafka, and as such, the film is inherently unfinished. It's good, and Haneke seems very passionate about adapting this incomplete work, but one go only go so far in doing so, and perhaps that's the point. The film itself is alright but ultimately feels as if it amounts to nothing by the end. Just when I was finally settling in to the world and its inhabitants, the credits began abruptly and reminded of the lack of…

  • Dreams on Wings

    Dreams on Wings


    A really fascinating way to do a commercial / advertisement. The animation was varying throughout in terms of quality but the imagery and color choices were excellent. The guy flying like an airplane at the end with the big goofy grin on his face made me laugh really hard. Air India, yo! This makes me want to fly on an airplane, so mission accomplished I suppose.

  • The Struggle

    The Struggle


    A simple message told via some stellar animation. Loved the handmade sketchy style presented here and by the end I was pretty blown away. As I said, it's a bit on the nose, but the visuals are so strong, it is hard not to be impressed in the end.

  • Sisyphus



    One of the most physically driven pieces of animation put to celluloid. What a beautiful way to showcase the physicality of the human body. Gorgeous stuff. Also, must've been fun voice acting this one out!

  • Johnny Corncob

    Johnny Corncob


    To cap off a wonderful day with my wife, in which we are celebrating our anniversary, we watched the film János Vitéz (1973) together, and both loved it.

    It's a lavish and absolutely jaw-dropping visual feast that tells the story of a man who goes to the ends of the Earth in order to find his true love. It was beautiful from start to finish and is packed with some of the craziest animation I've ever seen. The story was simple but the way in which it's told was a truly one of a kind treat. A film I surely won't forget!

  • The Guilty

    The Guilty


    I may be in the minority here, but I do genuinely think this is one of the greatest thrillers I've ever watched. I could feel my heart thudding so fast and heavily for most of the runtime. Such a creative work and one of the finest one location films ever made. I honestly am going to start showing this one to people right away. I haven't felt this way towards a thriller in quite some time.

  • Taipei Story

    Taipei Story


    Edward Yang was a giant that left us behind all too soon. A juggernaut in storytelling and character building, his tales masterfully told and executed. I found myself in awe of every frame in this heartbreaking work. Also, Hou Hsiao-hsien is a genius director, not many will deny that, but I had no clue just how capable of an actor he is.

    In any event, Edward Yang constantly reminds me that he was (is) one of the very best artists…

  • The Mouth of the Wolf

    The Mouth of the Wolf


    One of the most singular and unique cinematic experiences I've ever had, and I can't wait to revisit and peep back even more layers to this simple yet labyrinthine love story.

    This is why cinema is the most beautiful and expressive form of art, to me.

  • Shadows in Paradise

    Shadows in Paradise


    Kaurismäki hit it out of the park here and really has transformed himself stylistically at this point into the type of filmmaker that people know and love him for. I was really moved and enamored by the cold but funny little world that he cooks up here and the lonely trash man is one of my favorite lead characters from any film in some time. He is sort of pathetic but you really can't help but feel bad for his…

  • Melrose: Rich Little Bitch

    Melrose: Rich Little Bitch


    Really catchy tune, and the performance was captured decently enough. Not much to say but it's wonderful to see it restored and included in the massive Kaurismäki blu-ray box set from Curzon Artificial Eye.

  • Rocky VI

    Rocky VI


    The way to the top is to just walk there and not worry with climbing or training in order to do so.