On-Gaku: Our Sound ★★★★★

I honestly wasn't expecting to be completely blown away by On-Gaku, but here we are. One of the most beautifully hand-drawn films ever and filled with sequences that gave me goosebumps. The humor was dry to the bone (usually) and I absolutely loved that. I feel Iwaisawa must be influenced by Aki Kaurismäki, as I could feel his presence throughout.

On-Gaku is a passion project (7 years in the making and over 40,000 hand-drawn frames) and it shows with a unique energy that pulsates from beginning to end. I loved music. I loved the characters and I honestly was a little bummed out when it was over. I haven't been so jazzed to hop right back into to a world after immediately finishing a film, but I honestly cannot wait to revist and show my friends whacky and suprisingly moving piece of work.