Meow ★★★½

This film has absolutely zero right to be as good it is. I'm really annoyed that Benny Chan (whose work I've been revisiting and further exploring since his untimely passing last year) can even make something solid out of a concept like this. I'm fairly certain this is all based off a marketing commerical that Louis Koo (the father in Meow) was in. Somehow, they made a movie based off the cat. In any event, I had absolutely no desire whatsoever to see this, but being the completionist that I am, today I hesitantly took the plunge and came out at the other end with a stupid smile on my face. I haven't enjoyed a children's film like this since Stephen Chow's Cj7. If you liked that particular work, there is something for you to like here. I know most of my friends will write this off and that's okay. It is pretty mind numbing but just charming enough that I couldn't help but be sucked into what I was watching.