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  • Paradox



    Genuinely blown away by this entry in the SPL series (thematic trilogy thus far). Louis Koo gives perhaps a career best performance as a father on the hunt for his daughter in a foreign country. His facial expressions and the weight of his sorrows and regrets is felt heavily throughout and I was nearly moved to tears by his acting. I love Louis Koo, don't get me wrong, but he's on a whole other level here. Phenomenal and it goes without saying that Sammo Hung is one of the world's best choreographers, maybe the best!

  • Meow



    This film has absolutely zero right to be as good it is. I'm really annoyed that Benny Chan (whose work I've been revisiting and further exploring since his untimely passing last year) can even make something solid out of a concept like this. I'm fairly certain this is all based off a marketing commerical that Louis Koo (the father in Meow) was in. Somehow, they made a movie based off the cat. In any event, I had absolutely no desire…

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  • An Elephant Sitting Still

    An Elephant Sitting Still


    One of the finest films of 2018. An utter punch to the gut that a soul like his vanished so suddenly. An artist whom inspires with only a single feature under his belt.

    Hu Bo will never leave my mind. Such a shame he ended it all. As Bela Tarr said in a letter he wrote on Hu Bo, he wishes someone could've protected him.

    * * * * *

    The aforementioned Béla Tarr, whom wrote this letter to an…

  • Days



    Days ( 日子) - 2020

    dir. Tsai Ming-liang

    Country: Thailand

    Director Tsai Ming-liang leaves his usual Taiwanese setting to capture the streets of Bangkok, Thailand in this extremely quiet but emotionally poignant tale of two men whose mundane day to day lives intertwine with an emboldened spark of romance one night, which I wish not spoil the hereafter of the event in this small review.

    The minimalist nature of Tsai's work is taken to a whole other level here as…