Rock's Winning Workout Without Weights

Rock's Winning Workout Without Weights ★★★★★

Impossible to rate correctly.
In short, a homemade exercise video starring a chubby dude called 'Rock' who wants you to work out in your backyard without weights.
He gets this dude, who legitimately looks like a poor homeless guy to demonstrate workouts for him.
We also meet a few of his other bodybuilding friends and some ancient guy shows up in the middle to rant about alcohol. "Boozers are Losers!"
I almost forgot to mention the sad piano music playing in the background

This might be the longest 20-minute film I've ever watched but it's genuinely goofy and funny throughout. It's total crap, but it's full of heart.
Recommended for fans of weird surreal shit, bodybuilding and old people.

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