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  • SexWorld
  • Sex Play
  • Melanie's Hot Line
  • The Super Inframan

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  • Night Pleasures

    Night Pleasures


    This one really resonated with me for personal reasons I don't feel comfortable discussing in detail here. There are some strong performances and a world-weary feel that permeates everything. It manages to surprise in a few instances. Perhaps the signature role of the late Melba Bruce, which makes it even more poignant given her circumstances.

  • Woman In Pink

    Woman In Pink


    THE WOMAN IN PINK is one of the earliest adult films I saw. It was also the one of that octet that I remembered least. However, I did know that the late Dan Shocket absolutely trashed it in a review in PENTHOUSE. Well, now that I have revisited the movie, I know why I remembered so little and that Shocket was right about more than just his assertion in his PRO WRESTLING ILLUSTRATED column that heel wrestlers were better than…

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  • SexWorld



    "Where did the music come from? Did-Did you do that?"

    "What's the difference? It's here."

    SEXWORLD is not just another porno for me. It's a film which I originally stumbled across accidentally while intending to see something else. It can only be fate because SEXWORLD is the moment where my mind was opened to the possibilities of adult films as not only "real" films, but art.

    The story uses the WESTWORLD template for its premise, but it goes into a…

  • The Perils Of Paula

    The Perils Of Paula


    In theory, an adult video directed by the legendary Gerard Damiano parodying old silent films sounds great. In practice, it's somewhat less than great. The humor is pretty weak, and the sex isn't much better. Everyone's a pro and does their best. It just feels...uninspired?

    On the plus side, it sure looks like they had fun making this one. Mike Horner chews the scenery as "Dan Dastardly" and comes the closest to giving this movie life. Alas, he's not really…