• Massacre at Central High

    Massacre at Central High


    Usual 70's high school fare, beach, cars and chicks...but with a darker side that made this flick fun. I firmly believe this film walked so "Heathers" could fly. The further the film progressed the more similarities were revealed, especially the ending. However, Heather's dark comedy was intentional, while the events at Central High just came off as funny, though I'm sure that wasn't the intent. Aside from the language and nudity, this felt like it had the air of an After School Special or Movie of the Week. A fun ride through nostalgia to be sure.

  • G-Dog



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    Great documentary about Jesuit priest Gregory Boyle who created the most successful gang intervention/reform agency in LA. The documentary follows the reformed members/employees and their hardships, supporting each other on a day-to-day basis and money raising efforts to keep the doors open. It is such a positive watch, it’s incredible what difference one person can make in this world, and for me…restores one’s faith in humanity. Check it out.

  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

    Puss in Boots: The Last Wish


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    My favorite character of the Shrek films, I was glad to see that they are furthering the adventures of Puss in Boots. The movie is well rounded, voice talent is top-notch, and the story is highly enjoyable. However, it’s the main messages of acceptance, family and friendship that resonate with me the most. I believe the Shrek films, and now the Puss in Boots films, are fun for the simple reason you’re never sure what new fairy tale characters you’re…

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


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    Completely enjoyable! Bob Clark certainly possessed the eye for locations and created atmospheric settings that instilled the perfect sensations to completely immerse the viewer. Black Christmas is a well-rounded film with the cast to match. Olivia Hussey is the perfect choice for Jess, sympathetic, caring, gregarious, level-headed, the textbook all around good girl. The ‘moaner’, as aptly named, demented and disturbing, his calls are very effective in creating the general uneasiness of the film. The prowling POV’s and the ease…

  • The Noel Diary

    The Noel Diary


    My first Christmas film to kick off this holiday season. I thought the story was engaging and the acting matched. Going in, I was expecting a formulaic Hallmark type offering, however this was something a little more substantial, in my humble opinion. I was really impressed with the actress portraying Rachel (Barrett Doss), I found her character extremely charming and possessing a positive attitude, despite her situation. I was surprised to see James Remar (‘Warriors’) and Bonnie Bedilia of ‘Die…

  • Fame



    Fantastic movie, inspired me to take drama throughout high school, more importantly it introduced me to the amazing voice of the late Irene Cara.  Thank you for the music, Rest In Peace.

  • Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

    Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris


    I didn’t expect to enjoy ‘Mr. Harris Goes to Paris’ as much as I did. Furthermore, I was surprised to discover that the title character was played by Lesley Manville, quite a departure from her ruthless portrayal of Blanche Weboy in ‘Let Him Go’. I found the story delightfully engaging and quite reminiscent of Frank Capra’s 1933 ‘Lady for A Day’ and his 1961 remake of his own film, ‘Pocketful of Miracles’. The locations and settings presented a kind of…

  • Slash/Back



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    I’m going to start off by saying that this was pure fun and just what I needed on a late Saturday night! The story follows a group of girls in a remote Innuit town in Northern Canada that stumble upon an alien being that could be the incarnation of local folklore. The acting is all over the place, ranging from bad to acceptable, but it didn’t bother me too much since there was so much else going on. Interspersed with…

  • Passing



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    Passing is multilayered, the word ‘passing’ alone has several meanings in the film. The first and most obvious is an African American woman passing for white, but there are other meanings such as relating to happiness, or rather the illusion of happiness, the repression of feelings, people who come in and out of our lives, judgements and ultimately the end of one’s life. Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga give great performances as women who are both in a transition in…

  • Antlers



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    Amazing atmosphere, perfectly reflects the dark, depressed and muted lives of the people in this film, a town in peril to be sure. The core of the story revolves around the Native American folklore of the mythological malevolent spirit which possesses people, known as the Wendigo. I would certainly place this in the folk horror genre.

    I found the film quite intriguing and very enjoyable. Jessie Plemmons’ inclusion in the film was a pleasant surprise, however I felt his talents…

  • Next of Kin

    Next of Kin


    Next Of Kin was truly a surprise. I thought I had seen this film back in the day, however upon reading its synopsis, it was evident that I hadn’t. This little Aussie film was such a gem and truly enjoyable. I loved the atmospheric creepy surroundings, the desolate surroundings only added to the impending dread. I have to admit, the film's final reveal was not what I was expecting and only added to my enjoyment. Thanks to Criterion Channels ‘80’s Horror’ spotlight this month.

  • The Unseen

    The Unseen


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    Growing up in the 80’s I have a strong connection to the horror / slasher flick, the golden age of the genre. While perusing titles on Shudder, I came across a title that I was unfamiliar with, ‘The Unseen’. Not expecting too much, I found I really enjoyed this little gem. How did I miss this at my local video store?

    The story follows a trio of ladies, that work for a TV news station, and their assignment to cover…