New Tale of Zatoichi

New Tale of Zatoichi ★★★★

That was yesterday, now be a new Zatoichi.

The directing reigns are given over to Tokuzô Tanaka as he brings Zatôichi into the world of color for the first time. The third film and third director in the series, but the tone and aesthetic introduced in the original is still strongly represented here. That's in no small thanks to returning cinematographer Minoru Inuzuka who shot the first film.

Lighter on action and heavier on philosophy, this time around we delve deeper into Ichi's character development and this is where Shintarô Katsu shines in the role. The Zatôichi character was already entertaining and unique from his very first appearance in The Tale of Zatôichi, but here he becomes a sympathetic and tragic character.

Again the story manages to advance Zatôichi's development in a new direction while exploring the character's past. At it's core it's still a story of a good man that can't escape the sins of his past, but because of the uniqueness of the main character the film feels fresh.

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