Miami Connection

Miami Connection ★★★

My father! I found my father! OH MY GOD!

How are you suppose to score a film like this? Literally everything to do with the film is badly made, yet if anyone tried making a martial-arts spoof it would probably end up not as funny or entertaining. The definition of "so bad it's good" doesn't even come close to explaining what is going on in this film. While no one can act, or in some cases speak English, their sincerity in trying their best in the film ultimately wins you over.

The film is written, co-directed and stars Y.K. Kim, a Korean immigrant with a black belt in Taekwondo who apparently had seen a total of 6 films in his life before deciding he wanted to make one. The story he came up with is a Taekwondo themed rock band called "Dragon Sound" that runs into trouble with a cocaine dealing Ninja-biker gang. That pretty much sums up the entire proceedings of the film.

Saying Kim can hardly speak English is an understatement and he also constantly wears shirts with cut off sleeves highlighting his "farmer's tan". This, along with almost the entire cast, is his one and only film. The dialogue is ridiculously bad, the acting incredibly cheesy, the fights horrendously choreographed and yet there is some sort of energy present that will make you watch the film in it's entirety.

Even if you don't plan on watching this film, please click on this link to view one of the band's musical numbers in the film. You owe it to yourself.

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