Ma ★★★

You guys want to party like rock stars?
-Sue Ann

To be honest this movie should probably be sorta forgettable as there isn't much to it, but the cast just makes it too much fun not to enjoy with Octavia Spencer front and center the primary reason for that.

The crazy part about this is that Spencer isn't even the only Academy Award winner in this. I imagine that director Tate Taylor called in some favors or something as he also has Allison Janney in a bit role. Also, they might not be winners, but Juliette Lewis and Luke Evans play two of the parents in this. That's the supporting cast. In Ma. What the hell?

Spencer is great in the title role along with the supporting cast, but surprisingly the "teens", who are our main focus here, are also great. Diana Silvers and McKaley Miller are the clear standouts. Silvers as our "hero" and Miller in as the friend with an attitude that is usually written poorly in these kinds of movies resulting in an unlikable character but she's great. Could have done with more of her butting heads with Ma as it was a great tension builder.

Fun little horror film from the writer/director of The Help.

Degrees of Separation from Last Movie:
-Ma with Octavia Spencer
-Was in Pulse with Ron Rifkin
-Was in The Devil’s 8 with Christopher George
-Was in Pieces

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