Halloween ★★★★★

Tonight, we're doing three American flicks and the first one is kind of a forgotten gem from 1978. I think this movie got ignored when it first came out because it just has such a generic title. It's just called Halloween.
-Joe Bob Briggs

Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Girl are back for a three movie marathon with Joe Bob’s Halloween Hootenanny outside of The Last Drive-In’s regular seasons.

Dan and I decided we were going to watch the marathon live, which doesn’t sound like a big deal considering it’s only 3 movies, but those who are fans of Joe Bob and The Last Drive-In know that each movie lasts close to two and half hours with his shenanigans during the films and since we’re on the East Coast the Hootenanny was only starting at 10:00PM for us. We were in though, even if we didn’t know what films were being shown. In Joe Bob we trust.

First movie that was revealed was Halloween with a cheeky intro (forgotten gem). I think it became clear that doing the Halloween films for this was not JBB’s idea as he points out that watching these films for the holiday is too on the nose and he doesn’t understand why people are always requesting he does these films when they’ve seen them 1000 times and they’ve been talked about 1000 times. I think Joe Bob still underestimates what he means to his fans. Yes, we’ve heard people talk about Halloween 1000 of times before, but we want to hear Joe Bob Briggs talk about Halloween.

Part of:
Horroctober IX: Mr. DuLac’s New Nightmare

Degrees of Separation from Last Movie:
-Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis
-Was in Blue Steel with Clancy Brown
-Was in A Nightmare on Elm Street

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