Halloween ★★★★★

Laurie, what's the boogeyman?
-Tommy Doyle

If you catch me watching Halloween on October 1st instead of the 31st that means I'm re-watching the franchise for Horroctober.

Do yourself a favor next time you watch this film. Realize that you are not watching the first movie in a franchise that has spawned 10 sequels and remakes so far, but you are watching a movie that was supposed to end as soon as those credits start rolling. The last thing you hear is Michael Myers breathing while you look on at the street you live on, your front yard and the inside of your house. Realize how dark and foreboding that ending is. The good guys don't win. They just get a reprieve. The suburbs are no longer safe. Lock your fucking doors because the boogeyman is real.

Part of:
Horroctober VIII: The Night Mrs. DuLac Came Out of the Grave

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