Halloween ★★★★★

Laurie, what's the boogeyman?
-Tommy Doyle

Oh Tommy you little bastard, if only you would have known you were going to grow up to be a creepy Paul Rudd. Almost had the entire family watching Halloween on Halloween this year... ALMOST... damn teenagers suck so what can you do? At least the adults have their priorities straight.

We had a little less than 100 trick or treaters this year, the number always varies from year to year. Thankfully there wasn't too many Harley Quinns, not because I hate the character, but because I love originality in kids choices. Sadly not a single Bride of Frankenstein or anything else I'd consider classic.

I did enjoy Mrs. DuLac calling out a teenager for coming to our house twice and then doubling down on it when he tried to deny it while fumbling his words. Teenagers suck.

Part of:
Horroctober VI: DuLac of the Dead

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