Halloween ★★★★★


Happy Halloween!

While we were watching this our teen daughter was messaging back and forth with her best friend and found out that she’s stuck at home babysitting her little brother because he has decided he’s too cool to go trick or treating. He’s 12. That is god damn depressing. Also sounds like a setup for a Halloween movie.

Our city is allowing trick or treating today. It was iffy there for a bit just a week ago because of a potential COVID outbreak, but things got under control. Weird fucking times. Taking precautions in handing out candy, we’ll see how many kids we get if any.  

I’ve logged this movie too many times to remember whether or not I’ve brought this up before or how many times I’ve brought it up (too lazy to check), but now every time we watch this movie Mrs. DuLac and I end up having a discussion about Bob joking that they're going to rip Lindsey’s clothes off. She’s 8 years old. Is this not a red flag for Lynda? He says this and it sorta goes unnoticed. I’ve always wondered if John Michael Graham fucked up his line and was actually supposed to joke about ripping Annie’s clothes off. Maybe Bob just ends up getting what he deserves in the end.

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Horroctober Part 10: DuLac X

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