From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★★

That's what I call a fucking show!
-Seth Gecko

Another film I've owned on three different formats. Anytime a friend would spot the VHS copy in my collection and ask "What's this?", I would immediately grab it from them before they could read the back of the box and make them watch it without giving them any knowledge of what they were in for.

Some friends loved the final act's twist, while others not so much. I've always loved it. It's original and ballsy to even attempt anything like that. This was Robert Rodriguez firing on all cylinders despite the fact it's one of his few films he didn't write.

You have George Clooney as the coolest bad ass he has ever been, Quentin Tarantino trying his best at acting (it works for the most part), Harvey Keitel as a quiet pastor, Juliette Lewis of all people being the all American girl and three doses of Cheech Marin. Salma Hayek dancing with a snake ends up being one of the most memorable moments in cinema history as well.

The sound track is also perfect for THIS film. It's flawless. It comes together along with the dialogue to make every single scene in this ridiculous movie entertaining beyond all else.

To top it all off you also get Tom Savini putting Greg Nicotero in his place.

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