Encanto ★★★½

Maybe your gift is being in denial? 
-Town Kid 

Caught off guard by how much we enjoyed this. The trailer had done nothing for me when I first saw it, but the story got to me. As most people can imagine, I can identify with feeling like a disappointment to extended family. 

Beyond the story, I really liked the characters, the animation and the character designs especially. 

Stephanie Beatriz being the lead voice actor didn’t hurt either. Love her. 

Despite having that damn “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” song stuck in my head at the moment, the negative I’d say about the movie, which can say about most modern Disney musicals, is that it feels like a damn marathon watching these. Starts off ok. Ah this is cute. I like this main character. Eh, the songs aren’t that bad. We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no! Then by the third act I’m like fuck me another song! God no. I’m not exactly the demographic for these though. 

Still really liked it. 

Degrees of Separation from Last Movie: 
-Encanto with John Leguizamo 
-Was in Assault on Precinct 13 with Matt Craven 
-Was in Meatballs 

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