Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★★

Be excellent to each other.

I did not expect this film to hold up this well after all these years. I think the key to it is that most comedies of it's like have a soul purpose of containing as much crude humor as possible and not much else. Bill & Ted on the other hand is surprisingly lighthearted with it's ridiculous storyline about two dudes that supposedly change the world in the future through their music.

Having Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) demonstrate that they have no musical talent to speak of just adds to the charm. It's their enthusiasm that gets it over. Wyld Stallyns Rule! They're just big kids that want to be the world's biggest rock band. Like kids, they treat everyone from Abraham Lincoln to a random Circle K customer in the same manner and with the same respect. The characters just create this incredibly lighthearted tone that I love.

I did not remember George Carlin looking so young as Rufus and admit that it's still weird seeing him in something without him swearing. It's really too bad that Alex Winter's career took off like a bolt of lightning after this film while Keanu Reeves' stayed stagnant after all these years. It's like Time Bandits, but through the eyes of dopey Gen-Xers.