A Bluebird in My Heart

A Bluebird in My Heart ★★★

Stop crying. You're not a kid anymore.

Lowkey thriller from screenwriter Jérémie Guez making his feature film directorial debut. The story is predictable and has too many coincidences but excels in the performances and personal moments between characters.

That’s probably going to turn a lot of people off considering the movie is made to look like an action thriller and its strongest assets are the quiet scenes between characters. Still though Roland Møller and Lola Le Lann are great even if the film is predictable. The age old story of a stoic ex con who gets dragged back into a life of violence standing up for a young victim.

Degrees of Separation from Last Movie:
- A Bluebird in My Heart with Roland Møller
-Was in Skyscraper with Neve Campbell
-Was in Scream 4 with Alison Brie
-Was in Horse Girl

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