• The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad


    James Gunn's The Suicide Squad is an absolute blast that makes you instantly forget about that other atrocious film called by the same name.

    It just has the perfect amount of everything; action, gore, comedy, not a single missed joke. All of these are held together by a great cast and a bold script that never stops. Just went you thought you wouldn't get emotional, BOOM! It even does work on emotional levels by the end. All characters work so…

  • Jungle Cruise

    Jungle Cruise


    Jungle Cruise is pure fun for the entire family. With some of Indiana Jones, The Mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean, and some nostalgic nods to the theme park ride, this campy, thrilling adventure through the jungle is a real charmer, boosted by Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt's undeniable chemistry and charisma. Jack Whitehall (who has a sweet, intimate moment) and Jesse Plemons add a little extra with their characters, too. It's no way near to being perfect; there were some…

  • Old


    I still can't believe how terrible this was. The source material and the ideas were there, and they were very original and interesting, but the execution was just abysmal. It's such a shame that the script was that ridiculous. The dialogues, man, they felt like taken out of a Hallmark Channel movie, not to mention the terrible acting from all the cast. I mean, it has a top-notch cast, but the script is so bad that it felt like this…

  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad

    OMFG 🤯

    It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a movie like I did with this one. Pure, bloody fun. Review coming soon. 

    (Please, do yourself a favor, get out there and watch it on a big screen, you will thank me later).

  • You're Next

    You're Next


    Something weird happened with this movie. I was pretty sure I have watched it before. Some of the scenes were very familiar, others didn't. I still don't know if I didn't finish it the first time around or what happened. Anyways, it's a blast.

    Your typical dysfunctional family dinner gathering at a remote house, three psychos, no mercy, and a fierce, almost memorable final girl that makes this bloody ride more fun. Irreverent and tense at the same time, this…

  • The Forever Purge

    The Forever Purge

    The movie tried too hard to make a sociopolitical statement that never quite manages to connect its ideas or deliver a coherent nor positive message. The only good thing about this film is Ana de la Reguera's character. A strong, female lead that doesn't fall on common stereotypical grounds, unlike Tenoch Huerta's character depicting the same old Mexican in all the wrong ways possible. The production seemed cheap, and it looks like the people behind this franchise are beginning to…

  • The Way Way Back

    The Way Way Back


    It's probably the third or fourth time I watch this film, and I can't help but think about the good time I've had with each watch. A personal favorite that I tend to forget for some weird reason.

    We've all been Duncan at a certain point in our lives. Sam Rockwell's character and performance are as charming and warm as they can get. Steve Carrell makes the slightest effort to dislike you, and he does it perfectly well, which speaks…

  • A Classic Horror Story

    A Classic Horror Story


    I must say I'm a little disappointed. You put in a blender Cabin in the Woods, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wicker Man, Silent Hill, Midsommar, Hills Have Eyes, and this is the result. I'm still trying to understand if it was intended to feel like a homage to these motion pictures, or if the writers just ran out of ideas. So loaded with stuff and meta-references, the only thing it achieves is confusing you with its story and the message it…

  • Till Death

    Till Death


    It may suffer from a lack of coherence and Megan Fox's expressiveness due to the excessive amount of botox on her face, but it does bring some bloody thrills and entertainment to the table. With tints of Gerald's Game, Fox surely kicks some ass in this motion picture which holds a relevant commentary on men's abusive behavior and feminism.

  • False Positive

    False Positive


    The A24 logo at the beginning is a scam, don't go for that.

    I don't know if the terrible acting was a part of the dark comedy, but everything feels like a joke. I couldn't take any of the characters nor the situations seriously. Apparently, the producers didn't know what to focus on; the dark humor, the social commentary, the body horror, all of it is weakly executed, in a kind of an annoying way. The only thing this film…

  • The Empty Man

    The Empty Man


    Talking about unappreciated movies, The Empty Man practically disappeared during the merge between Disney and Fox. My recommendation is to go in without watching the trailer (it's very misleading) and without the assumption that it will be as trashy as Slenderman or The Bye Bye Man because it's not. It may partly follow the creepypasta and occult conspiracy path, but what this one manages to accomplish is not to fall on the typical horror tropes.

    It's a surprisingly ambitious film.…

  • Head Count

    Head Count


    What started as a promising and original premise ended up being a failed exercise of the already seen "creepypasta" kind of story. It has some "what the fuck?" moments and if just the background story could've been more explained it would've delivered a more creepy and complete experience. There are just too many holes, and everything gets resolved too quickly during the third act. Such a shame because the idea was there. Also, did they ran out of budget, or why was that alien-like creature looked so cheap? It looked they tried to have their own Donnie Darko.