Gremlins ★★½

GREMLINS (1984) USA, colour, 102m.
Directed by Joe Dante.
Written by Chris Columbus.
Produced by Steven Spielberg.

Country singer Hoyt Axton plays the inventor and father to Zach Galligan in this film.

Watching this for the first time as an adult may not be the best choice.
The film is a product of the early eighties and, while still more entertaining than later cgi overload cinema for children, it holds not much charm to me in 2018.

Combining child allure for mainstream audiences with being before its time in other respects. Unfortunately, those 'times' they forebode has turned out to be even more childish and mainstream than olden ones.

I am sorry to say that I will never rewatch this, as I found it, at my older age, to be much too childish and mostly empty. Perhaps it could have mustered some nostalgia if I would have watched it as a child.

Almost everyone will disagree with me, but this is how it is.

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