Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 ★★★★½

Wow! Boy, this one really cut to my core…

GoG v1 is my top MCU film behind INFINITY WAR & END GAME. But I thought v2 was a big let down, not terrible by any means… just didn’t land like the first one for me. 

But v3 exceeded my expectations and gave me the same great warmth that v1 did. Everything’s on point… the action, the humor, the emotion, and most definitely the music in this make it the best post ENDGAME film in the MCU by a wide margin. I think we all needed this with how the last few Marvel movie have turned out. 

Rocket is definitely my favorite Guardian and I was completely on board with his origin story being the focus of this one. I’m glad we got to see a full story arc for his character as his mysterious background has always been something I’ve wanted to see explored. 

Each character tugged on my emotions in this. Kudos to James Gunn for getting me emotional about a genetically enhance raccoon and a cyborg otter embracing each other! Lol

Drax the Father>Dead the Destroyer.

Brilliantly having the audience speak/understand Groot with his last line was amazing too.

Mantis articulating other characters emotions, and Nebula calling Drax a father… landed for me. 

Really thought Gunn tied everything together in this finale of this version of the Guardians. And for some reason I really enjoyed some of the foul language in this. It’s a pretty dark storyline and I think the adult language helped convey that somehow. 

I thought Chuk Iwuji made for a great villain as the High Evolutionary. He was terrifying and creepy as hell. What’s more diabolical then a guy that experiments on animals and kids!?!?

I’m not sure which Guardians we’ll see again in the MCU. But if there are some we don’t see again I’d be more than happy with how these characters stories concluded. 

This is a film I’ll see in the theaters again. Thank you James Gunn, I’m fully on board with the future of the DC movies with him at the helm. 

I thought they made Adam Warlock a bit of a douche, that’d be my only complaint after this first viewing, but they referenced him coming out of his cocoon early and he wasn’t fully developed… so…

3 1/2 bones

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