The Kid

The Kid ★★★★½

Happy 100th anniversary The Kid! 

The Kid is such a charming and sweet silent comedy/drama from Charlie Chaplin. This is just a delight. It’s funny. It’s a bit sad. It’s heartwarming. It’s fun. It’s so adorable. Might be my favorite Chaplin film not sure. Contemplating giving this 5 stars. Not sure I will though. I liked it a lot more on rewatch I must say. I’m really glad I watched it for it’s 100th anniversary which is crazy by the way. I can’t believe this is that old. Like wow. The comedy really works well. Not all of it lands but a lot. I guess I’m a sucker for silent humor. Chaplin is a great silent actor. He is so charismatic and is somehow able to have a lot of emotional depth here. This film is really heartwarming and it’s pretty hard emotionally. The ending is delightful and just a perfect way to conclude the movie. The score is beautiful. Really ties everything together perfectly. Silent movies can’t work well without a good score. It’s amazing how this is honestly better than most comedies now and even funnier than many. Honestly it’s one of the best comedies of all time in my opinion. I love the fight scene here. It’s so funny. It’s just a really special movie. I adore it so much. I’d highly recommend this especially if you love silent movies though if you do you’ve probably already seen this. I feel like not enough talk about this. It’s just an absolute classic. So fun. So good. It’s kind of choppy in parts. By that I mean the editing is a little weird in scenes but that’s not a flaw as it’s very old and definitely missing some stuff to it. It kind of adds to old time feel to it which is kind of nice. It’s a beautiful movie. It’s just so cute. Kind of hard for me to review silent movies but this is definitely a favorite of mine. Overall The Kid is simply a silent Masterpiece.

What’s Your Favorite Charlie Chaplin Film?

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