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“Am I Being Flirted with by a Psychotic Rat?!”
Fantastic Mr. Fox
is simply one of my all time favorite movies. There’s not a single thing that I dislike about this movie. In my eyes it’s absolutely perfect. Not many movies come close to it for me. Still not my favorite Wes Anderson feature that goes to The Royal Tenebaums but this is just spectacular. It has so many rewatch ability it’s insane. I’ve seen this 4 times and especially for me who doesn’t usually do that with films that is a lot! It’s definitely my go to comfort movie. It’s also my favorite animated movie of all time and I’m a very big fan of animation. Who knew that an animated movie about a Fox going against three farmers could be so good. Anderson is my favorite director. There is not a single film in his filmography that I dislike. I understand that his style isn’t for everyone. This film isn’t for everyone. His films mostly consist of very dry humor and dialogue. For me his films are 100% my thing. It’s just a masterpiece. It has a spot in my top 4 and I think it will stay there forever. To me this is just a very special movie. It’s unique, fun, funny, surprisingly relatable, and just awesome. Such a heartfelt movie. It feels like a nice warm hug. It’s a cozy movie. It’s a film that never gets tiresome on rewatch. I’ve seen it four times and it hasn’t gotten old for any of those times. If I’m being honest I probably like it better with each watch. It gets so much done in a little bit over an hour and twenty minutes. Nothing feels rushed and I’m glad it didn’t go over that time. It’s a simple story. If they expanded it too much it wouldn’t be as good. This isn’t just another average animated movie or just another average comedy. This is something else. Something (waves hands) different. I think it should’ve beaten Up for both best animated feature and best score. I also think it should’ve won best picture let alone be nominated but of course none of that would’ve happened. It’s the academy we’re speaking about for crying out loud! My love for this movie is endless. It will never stop giving me joy. There isn’t anything else like it and there never will be. I don’t know how this movie is as good as it is. It’s shocking that it turned out how it did. It really shows the brilliance of Wes Anderson. I don’t think anyone else would’ve been able to pull this off. In the hands of someone else it would probably be your average mediocre kids movie. Or possibly decent but I can’t see anyone being to make this into a very good film while Anderson was able to not only do that but make it into an absolute masterpiece. There’s a reason why this gets the praise it does. It’s not a film that is just forgotten in the piles of family movies that are just meant to occupy children while parents are busy. Actually this isn’t really even a children’s movie. It works as one. You could show it to children but it doesn’t really feel like it was made directly for them. Most kids would probably be bored by this anyways. It’s really made for more older people just something that children could watch too. That’s probably why it didn’t do so good at the box office. It probably wasn’t marketed correctly either. Thankfully it hasn’t been lost and forgotten. At least people have actually discovered it’s genius. Ugh I just love this movie. 

The characters here are just spectacular. Mr. Fox is a great protagonist. He’s a fox who used to steal chickens as a living. Then one day while trapped in a cage his wife, Mrs. Fox, tell him that’s she’s pregnant. She also says that he must give up his criminal ways and he promises he will. Now years later he is a newspaper man. He feels unsatisfied with his life. He doesn’t like being poor. Not one bit. He feels as though no one reads his newspaper column. He doesn’t feel like the “fantastic mr. fox” that he feels he once was. He then devises a plan. One last big heist. He will rob three farms with the lovely Kylie. George Clooney voices Mr. Fox to perfection. He just fits the character so well. I love scene near the end with the wolf scene. Mr. Fox has a phobia of wolves yet here he feels at peace almost. To me at least I feel as though the meaning of this scene is Mr. Fox coming to peace with himself. During the whole film he calls himself a “wild animal”. So here he is staring directly at a wild animal. Unlike the other characters in the film this animal isn’t wearing any clothes. It’s a quite powerful scene. I think the wolf isn’t wearing clothes due to the reason I said before. This is Mr. Fox almost coming to peace with himself. He finally feels satisfied. He doesn’t need to be this fantastic fox that robs chickens. Deep inside he’ll always be a wild animal. But now in a way he realizes his true importance if this makes any sense. Anyways that’s just my interpretation. Mr. Fox like many of Wes’s characters isn’t always super likable. He can sometimes be selfish. But he’s also relatable and in truth he is a pretty good guy. He’s a very well written and amazing character. Although my favorite character in the film is probably Ash. Ash is referred to as (wave hands) different or unique. Ash wants to be an athlete but he isn’t necessarily very good at things like the sport WackBat. Then there is Kristofferson. He is kind of perfect in a way. He is very athletic. Unlike Ash he is able to control his anger by meditating. Even Mr. Fox seems to be more impressed by him then his own son. I think Ash is very jealous of Kristofferson and for good reason. There’s even a scene where Kylie and Mr. Fox got out to their third heist. Ash comes there eager to join them. Mr. Fox tells him to go away and then Kristofferson comes along who he invited. He thought he would be more useful that Ash. By the end Ash does show off that he is an athlete just in his own different way. He’s unique and that’s ok. We should in brace out differences not be ashamed by them. Ash as well can be moody and sometimes a bit of a jerk. But at the end of the day he’s still very lovable and a great character. I just love his character arc. It’s very relatable. Jason Schwartzman also does an excellent job at voicing him. Mrs. Fox is another great character. She is a loving wife and mother. Of course she gets very angry at Mr. Fox for disobeying her. She has doubts about their marriage many times throughout the movie. She’s just an awesome character. It was such a great choice to have Meryl Streep voice her. Streep of course does an excellent job in the movie. I love the way she says “CONTACT”. I don’t know why but that part always makes me laugh. She just has such great line delivery throughout the film. William Dafoe is amazing as Rat. He’s such a great antagonist. He’s just a really funny character. But what I really like about him is his final few moments in the scene where he dies. Even though he’s a villain it’s a quite emotional scene. He tells them where Kristofferson is. All he wanted was some cider and Mr. Fox gives him some. It’s a really emotional scene. I actually love how many emotional scenes there are throughout the film. He only has two scenes but he’s really awesome and fun. I just love the way he speaks and his score is awesome. The main villains, Bogus, Bunce, and Bean are also great. Their just so evil. Micheal Gambon is really good as Bean. So many fun characters. I love Kylie as well. He’s such a lovable character. He’s a very nice sidekick to Mr. Fox. He went along with him to all three heists. I also love the voice cameos from Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson. There’s characters here that I can actually relate to. Their also all so memorable. 

The direction from Wes Anderson is also just amazing. This is a beautiful looking film. It’s so colorful. It really encapsulates the feeling of Fall. The stop motion animation here is so unique. I can tell just how much effort was put into every scene. It all just looks so good. Not really any animated films look like this. Wes Anderson puts his usual style into this. The cinematography is of course beautiful. It is a moving picture book. There is so much detail put into every scene. It’s definitely one of the best looking animated films in my opinion. I just could rave all day long about how beautiful this movie looks. The colors are so great. It’s a visual feast for the eyes. I should definitely watch the behind the scenes features on this. They’ll definitely be very interesting. I also must mention the absolutely incredible score here by Alexandre Desplat. It’s honestly one of my favorite film scores. It’s so simple but affective. It just adds to the cozy feel of this film. It’s just so pleasant to the ears. It goes along greatly with the vibes of this movie. I love the whole soundtrack as well. There are so many great songs here that just perfectly along with everything in the movie. Every frame is jam packed with beauty in this movie. I love the long takes here. The parts with the digging is just incredible. Their so fun and unique. The animation just ties everything together. It just adds to this already perfect film. I love when in a movie you can just tell how much passion was put into it. You can certainly see that here. This wasn’t a film made for money or anything like that. Anderson truly seemed to make this because he cared about. He put a lot of heart into it. I’m endlessly fascinated by stop motion. It might be my favorite type of animation. The reason for this is because I get tired by the same looking 3D animation that is put into most animated features these days. Sure it looks nice but I don’t know it’s kind of generic at his point. Stop motion is so creative. It definitely takes a lot of work. It’s just so beautiful and it just adds to the movie it’s in. There’s just something so imaginative about it. I can’t really describe what. I like when they take risks with animation. I like when it’s done differently. It doesn’t even need to be stop motion just whenever it’s unique it really sparks something in me. Ugh I love the way this film looks. Oh and Petey’s song is an absolute bop. 

The writing here is also incredible. The screenplay is well fantastic. Pun intended. I love Anderson’s dry humor. It really works here. He also always chooses the best actors making the line delivery more effective. It’s a witty movie. There are so many memorable lines of dialogue it’s insane. Just all the dialogue in this film is incredible. The humor works very well. It’s very funny. It’s also very emotional at times. There are some really impactful scenes in this film. It’s a film that always sticks with me. It’s one that I’ll never forget. There are also a lot of great scenes here. I love the part where their flooded by the cider. That was really cool and I loved the way it looked. I love all of Mr. Fox’s toasts/speeches. The ending is so incredible. It’s probably one of the only times where an ending dance sequence works in a non-musical. The film earns a dance of that makes sense. Like sometimes these type of endings feel cheap but I don’t think that is the case here. Anyways Let Her Dance is such a perfect choice for the end song. It’s also just a great conclusion to the characters and the story. The screenplay is just so witty. Just the way each line is delivered is so funny and good. No one writes a screenplay like Wes Anderson. Noah Baumbach also is such a good writer. He definitely helped with amazingness of this movie. He’s very talented. I definitely love when him and Anderson work together on a film. Wes just makes such relatable movies. Just only is he able to make such pretty looking films but he also writes characters that you can relate with. There’s just something so unique about his writing style. It surprisingly works so well here. It just somehow mixes. I don’t know on paper a Wes Anderson adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox seems so odd. Yet it works. It’s works fantastically(ok I’m done with the puns).

I think that’s about it. Probably missed some things because that somehow happens even when writing a longer review but hey that’s alright. Hope you enjoyed reading. This is just such a special movie. It’s fun and gorgeous. Will forever be a favorite of mine. The characters are perfect. The cast is perfect. The writing is perfect. The direction is perfect. The animation is perfect. Everything here is well perfect. Everything. I’d highly recommend it. It’s probably matter than one would think before seeing it. I can’t give it enough praise! Overall Fantastic Mr. Fox is just so so so so spectacular. 

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