Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

Fantastic Mr. Fox
is a masterpiece from Wes Anderson. This is my 3rd time watching this film and I still love it. Instead of reviewing the actual film I’ll talk about the Wes Anderson commentary that was included with the Criterion addition since I watched that with the film. I haven’t watched the supplementary things but I will at some point.

The commentary was really interesting and I learned quite a few things about the film and what it takes to make stop motion animated film. Wes Anderson had a lot of interesting things to say which I expected to happen. They seemed to have put a lot of effort into the film. This one part with Mr. Fox and Kylie and Kristofferson walking up to rob the third farm took around a month. Note it wasn’t even the robbery it’s self. That’s incredible. It was also cool to see how many things inspired the film. It wasn’t just the book. I don’t think I’ll talk about too much but I found this commentary track to be very interesting. If you’re a fan of the movie than watch it. Note not to watch the film with the commentary before watching the normal version since he cuts off quite a few parts.

One last thing I’ve started reading book(I’m almost done because it’s very short) and it’s interesting how much this film. Everything so far in the book was in the film but film added so much more to film. So far I definitely like the film better which doesn’t usually happen. 

This is just an amazing Wes Anderson film. I love it so much. I’ll definitely watch it many more times in the future. The commentary track was also great. Overall Fantastic Mr. Fox is a fantastic film and so is the commentary from Wes Anderson.

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