Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★½

Evil Dead 2
is an awesome entry to the trilogy. The film is over the top and crazy. While it’s no where near perfect, I couldn’t resist giving it 5 stars. While it follows most of the same story beats as the first one it’s completely different in tone. Martin Campall was even better in this film. The gore was definitely toned down which was a little sad but that alright. The affects were dated but it added to that cheesy feel that the film had. Cheesy in good way. You would think I would have more to say about a film I gave 5 stars but I don’t. First of all I don’t feel like it and second of all this film is about the experience. Overall Evil Dead 2 is just so fun.
Edit:Change my score to 4.5 as my rating system has gotten a bit stricter🤷

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