Dune ★★★★½

Hello mates. Didn’t actually rewatch this. Just here to link the Boxies. It’s basically an awards ceremony that is very similar to the Oscar’s, for the films of 2021 that is run by Juror #8. Other Letterboxd users helped him (including yours truly) to decide on the nominations. Movies like Dune, The Green Knight, Tick Tick Boom, etc are contenders in many categories. Now we have all the nominations and you all can vote for the winners if you can. 

Here is the link to the poll once again: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf8mgCjK0w9_syeoDJErZap--FHP-8IsNSyQYb_qUqTs_WvxA/viewform

So yeah it would be appreciated if you vote.

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