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  • Frances Ha

    Frances Ha

    saw this before many years ago but I think I was just depressed last time. Good movie actually

  • Emperor of the North

    Emperor of the North

    “Hey, bo, listen up! You think you’re A No. 1?! Well what if I told you that two trains leaving the station at different times are driving toward one another? The first train leaves Town A at 4am traveling at 50 miles per hour. The second train leaves Town B at 6am traveling at 60 miles per hour! The distance between Town A and Town B is 445 miles. What is the exact time that the collision will occur? huh? You think you’re Emperor of the North?! Don’t make me laugh, kid!”

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  • Harvey


    A hidden gem of the early 50s. James Stewart has an imaginary invisible friend that is a six-foot tall white rabbit-man named Harvey, and everyone wants to put him in the looney bin despite the fact that he’s the kindest man alive and also Harvey is actually real.

    One of the best lines is when a doctor leaving the mental hospital says, “I’m gonna miss these psychos and schizos.”

  • Andrei Rublev

    Andrei Rublev

    The movie world has decided that you go to movie jail if you speak ill of Andrei Rublev, so for the movie patrol out there listening: don’t worry I too believe that Andrei Rublev is a great work of art and I totally understand everything that happened at a deep cerebral and spiritual level. I love that we've had this film for nearly 60 years and the best we can describe the opening scene is still "a horse is seen... one of many horses in the film." that rules