Nostalgia ★★★★★

The master Andrei Tarkovsky once again makes me reconsider the way I see life, and all the things that compose it with one of his films, as usual with him Nostalghia could mean nothing, or it could mean anything, it is always up to the viewer and how they see life. This film challenges our 'logical' way of seeing life, just as Stalker, Solaris, Mirror, and Andrei Rublev did, even if one does not fully understand the plot or story of the film several questions will arise inside of us if we fully immerse ourselves into the film. Tarkovsky once again manages to make us feel the character, we feel like if we remembered and wanted to go back to that day we were with 4 women a dog and a horse in that one hill we see during the opening credits and later towards the ending of the film, we feel that desire to go back home, to our mother, or to our wife, or to our children, this is, alongside Mirror, Tarkovsky's most personal film, and when we see an artist, a great artist, do such a personal work we know we're in for a wonderful work of art, and that's what Nostalghia is.

There's a lot more in this film, it contains so much not even the longest essay could contain all its depth, symbolism and possible meanings, and I am not ready yet to do such an analysis about this film, so I'm gonna leave it here, but if you like Tarkovsky, and films that might change, or at least make you reconsider the way you see life, then I highly recommend you this film if you haven't seen it.


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