Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages

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As I'm writing this review I'm shaking, my heart is racing, I can't believe what I just witnessed, as each second passes I am more and more convinced that Intolerance: Love's Struggle Through the Ages is the greatest film I've ever seen, and to properly begin this review I'd like to quote my own review of what was until 3 hours ago my favorite film of all time: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).

Talking about the iconic match-cut

"it contains 4 million years of our history, but Kubrick knows there's no need to show all of that textbook history we already know, instead he gets into the part we don't know yet, and so the real adventure begins..."

Talking about its ending

*spoilers for 2001 in here*

"in just 2 and half hours we went from being apes to finally reaching our final form of evolution, tears run down my face once again by seeing and understanding a bit more this wonderful work of art, I confirm this is the most ambitious, and therefore the greatest story to ever be told, I remember why I love this beautiful form of art"

So here I name two key things, the first one being Kubrick skipping all the "textbook history we already know", now here Griffith decides to show us this history we already know such as Jesus Christ's crucifixion, the fall of the Babylonian empire, and the St. Bartholomew's Day's Massacre. Now what's so brilliant about this history we already know is how Griffith tells it to us, it is not about what will happen but how it will happen, and the way Griffith shows us how all this happens ends up being the grandest, most epic, breathtaking and ambitious product to ever be put in the silver screen, Intolerance is a cinematic miracle like no other, it is a film that could have only been made in 1916 and in 1916 only, it is a film so ambitious nothing could ever come close to its grandiosity, not even films like Gone with the Wind (1939), Lawrence of Arabia (1962) or even the russian mammoth War and Peace (1966). Now as we talk about ambition we get to my second point in here, in my 2001 review I say "I confirm this is the most ambitious and therefore the greatest story ever be told", as I said Intolerance is, alongside 2001, the most ambitious film ever in my books, and both films are equally brilliant in their execution so that's why I'll always have them as my two favorite films of all time, they penetrate right into the viewer's soul and it makes him or her reflect and rethink about his/her life and they (especially Intolerance) are the kind of films that will help us improve as persons, and hopefully one day if we all listen to the timeless and universal Intolerance has we'll be able to have that 'perfect world' Griffith invites to achieve one day, hopefully one day we will learn, and this world we live in will improve exponentially, right now I am deeply touched by this film and I find myself unable to write the proper analysis it deserves, so I'll close this review by saying this: Intolerance: Love's Struggle Through the Ages is the greatest film of all time and it is something we, as human beings, must watch in order to improve as species and as a society, please do watch it, if you allow the film to immerse you into its immense and beautiful universe you'll have a cathartic and trascendental experience like no other.


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