Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder ½

Don’t even know what to say. All these great ideas thrown into an embarrassing, unfunny blender. This clearly needed to be a 2 hr 45 min movie, and it was, but they just cut all the meat out for awful comedy. Ragnarok understood the seriousness of Thor’s character at the time, and works as a good movie, a good comedy, and most importantly, a good Thor movie. This one just shoves all of that into a predictable and underdeveloped plot, all in the name of horrendous visual effects.

This is one of the worst looking superhero movies of all time, holy shit. I laughed like 10 times in this 2 hour comedy, and was so disappointed with the fate of all these interesting characters. This doesn’t work as a gonzo action comedy like Ragnarok shows shades of, this is Waititi overextending his reach and falling flat on his face for most of it. If Dr. Strange 2 didn’t give Raimi nearly enough creative freedom, this gives Waititi too much. 

I’m confident Guardians 3 will be good, because James Gunn has been consistent, and just released his best film last year. But honestly, I don’t think I wanna see any other mcu movies in the theater, this was so disappointing. Execution is everything, and this movie doesn’t understand that at all.

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