Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★

God this is frustrating. I love so many of the themes, visuals, fights, exchanges, THE MUSIC, etc, but the lack of focus, and amount of suspension of disbelief is ridiculous. I’m not faulting people for coming to love this movie, there’s a lot to like, but if you told me you disliked it and like it now, and don’t think it’s a jumbled mess, I would not believe you. I watched the theatrical cut today, I’ve seen the ultimate cut once, and theatrical probably 4 times now. And the theatrical has less shit and is still fucking ridiculous in its pacing, I can understand how any of the scenes in the first half hour can be little vignettes to start the movie, but they’re not in an order that makes sense, and there’s simply too many. The movie has long droughts of constant set up thematically, and then of course, universally. Like, is it even physically possible to not get complete and utter second hand embarrassment from the Flash time travel scene, especially in its framing back to back with the knightmare sequence, it’s just not intelligently constructed. The intro to the other JL members is also stupid, WW has her highs and lows, and I guess I don’t mind her inclusion that much, but it’s definitely forced.  I can see the vision, the tragedy behind the worlds view of Superman, the Batman who is long past his prime and questions the morals of the world and himself, and a lex Luthor who simply wants to test god for any semblance of meaning beyond the shadow of his father. Pointing out that a movie has these themes doesn’t make it automatically gel, but apparently Snyder didn’t seem to think so.  I can listen to people explain away how Lex did this thing, why Superman couldn’t do this thing, etc, and you can TECHNICALLY explain a lot of it, but it doesn’t flow smooth at all really, and that’s the main reason why it ultimately doesn’t work. There are plot motivations and threads so bad that “Martha” isn’t even in the top ten, and even when they’re not offensive, it just adds to a pile of convoluted story.  But I enjoyed it more than other times today for sure. Yes, it’s a fucking mess, but I think a lot of the individual scenes are good, and there are even scenes that are mostly good (unfortunately ruined). I think Jesse gives a good performance for the most part, but he goes too far in like every third sentence. I even like where they end all the characters. I’m fine with Batman killing in this movie because it into his mindset to kill Superman, but come on, don’t be childish, he straight up murders way too many people in this movie, like it fetishizes it, which is missing the point of why it’s important to show a different side of Batman. And of course, the Doomsday battle is a total clusterfuck.  It’s unique, stylish, intense, at times emotional, and usually engaging, and that, along with a list of fractured great ideas, is what ultimately saves this for me, but I don’t really think that the “vision” and the great stuff hidden is enough for me to jump on the recent reappraisal. I’ll probably find myself defending and hating on this movie equal parts in the future, and maybe one day something will tip the scale on the rating to one distinct side, but either way, it’s fascinating in what it is and what it could’ve been. Also, I do have plenty of nostalgia for the hype leading up to this. Saw it on Easter with my whole family, and yeah I was definitely in denial of a movie I would come to hate (and now be indifferent to), but it was a good memory. Also I could’ve watched man of steel too but I hate that movie so that’s a hard pass. Onto the Snyder Cut! EDIT: fuck it I’ll have it at 3 for now but idk if that’ll stay

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