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Favorite films

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • The Killer
  • Le Samouraï
  • Shaolin & Wu Tang

Recent activity

  • Shriek of the Mutilated

  • The Theatre Bizarre

  • Hideout in the Sun

  • Skinned Deep

Recent reviews

  • Leonor Will Never Die

    Leonor Will Never Die


    I love movies from the Philippines from Weng Weng to Eddie Romero these creators have provided me with some of the funniest moments I have seen they might not be the best in my opinion they are funny. So, with that comedic lens on ‘Leonor Will Never Die,’ a new movie from the Philippines provides laughs & realness with characters that are really into 80s action movies from their country that play in the background for a while. Then they become…

  • The Blackening

    The Blackening


    The Blackening is an essentially funny movie that has elements I like & elements I don’t but, in the end, it is a film to wrestle with despite not being great it has some things you probably will remember for some time after seeing it. It is comedy horror, not a horror comedy, it is deconstructive yet still vulgar fun that requires a high amount of pop culture knowledge to appreciate the irony we get within the story & many of the…

Popular reviews

  • Eeb Allay Ooo!

    Eeb Allay Ooo!


    ‘Eeb Allay Ooo,’ is Prateek Vats debut feature narrative film and it is a fun typical Indian comedy so the regional factor is basically a take it or leave it proposition so if you like this sort of thing you should like this movie if not – it won’t win you over. It tells the story of Anjani who is new to New Delhi and gets a job shooing monkeys away from the streets but o the monkeys are revered…

  • Glorious



    I have been a big fan of Rebekah McKendry over the years for her terrific podcasting, to be honest she reminds of a mentor of mine from years ago & without naming names I wish this person had some of Rebekah’s insights. Her thoughts on current & old genre films always have nuance as well as pizazz ensuring that her podcasts always pop without the mentioned pizzazz through pop being a distraction for the substance of her takes. Anyways, all that is…