Logan ★★★★★

Logan is the last time that Hugh Jackman is playing Wolverine and Patrick Stewart is playing Charles Xavier and they certainly go out on a high note. 

Logan is an incredibly powerful and mature film from start to finish. It's tones is heavy and dark which helps convey a powerful message of love and loss. 

The movie has rare moments of joy but those few moments are so genuine that you can't help but sympathise.

The film is perfect in every way. From its cinematography to its writing, its directing to its acting. The whole film shines as a fitting conclusion to a 17 year long era.

High Jackman gives a powerful performance as a Logan who has gone from being the Riggs to the Murtaugh in his life and interactions. 
Patrick Stewart is endlessly woatchable as the ailing Charles who battles constantly and you can't help but sympathise.
Dafne Keen shines as Laura/X-23. Very reminiscent of Eleven from Stranger Things.
Stephen Merchant is also fantastic as Caliban, creating a character that is memorable and tragic.

The whole film is shot beautifully and I loved every second of it. 

It's an emotional roller coaster with gut punches throughout and certainly earns it's restricted rating with both Logan and Laura letting loose throughout.

Overall: Logan is a perfect film
5/5 Pickles