The ultimate love letter to the slasher genre, Scream (1996) is a really fun watch with some solid tension. I have somehow avoided seeing this movie for 26 years, and partially because I was really expecting to dislike it, as I’m not a huge fan of slashers. But after watching I understand why this is such a classic, the script / dialogue does not miss ! 

Scream’s biggest strength is it's self awareness, with these constant references to other famous horror films, combined with genuinely funny lines and delivery. These references help make the characters feel much more “real”, like they actually could exist and enjoy similar movies as the audience does. I also love that Scream doesn’t take itself too seriously, I’m almost tempted to call this a comedy rather than horror. But even with it’s constant jokes about tropes found in other slasher movies, there is some real tension underlying this film and several absolutely gruesome deaths - Allowing it to expertly walk the fine line between horror and comedy..

Really enjoyed this one! A great movie to watch in October as we approach Halloween 🎃

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