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  • Die Hard
  • Léon: The Professional
  • Magnolia
  • Parasite

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  • Scanners II: The New Order


  • Superman II


  • The Scorpion King


  • Run


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  • Scanners II: The New Order

    Scanners II: The New Order


    T is for a film on Tubi (Scanners 2: The New Order)

    A fairly solid stand-alone sequel to the cult classic original. it chooses to adopt more of a low-key dramatic approach to mixed success. I liked it but it's much more formulaic than the first.

    #FilmAlphabet V67

  • Superman II

    Superman II


    S is for Superman 2 on HBOMax

    Everything with Zod is still gold. The other stuff doesn\t hold up quite as well, but it's still entertaining enough. Been awhile since I had seen this before my recent rewatch with the fam. Forgot you saw Superman's baby penis. uh-oh

    #filmAlphabet V67

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