Pig ★★★★½

“Pig” is certainly a film of little words but what it leaves behind is so thoughtful, deep, and nothing short of emotionally raw by the very end. It’s a quiet, crushing film with a marvelously subdued Nicolas Cage giving one of his very best performances in years, bringing to life a character filled with many hidden inner pains kept underneath the surface. But it’s also the assured script, steady direction, and palpably-felt atmosphere that help give it all such larger weight and context, allowing each layer of his character to be slowly pulled back and revealed in such effective, beautifully delivered ways. It’s a movie about grief, loss, and finally taking the first step to self-healing, and even at a slow burn, it’s fully investing at every turn and leads to a final note that left me struck to my core in such a way I didn’t think was possible. I implore all who read this to please don’t miss out on a film this special.

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