Movieman630 has written 10 reviews for films rated ★★★½ during 2021.

  • Eternals


    Eternals is easily the most out-of-the-box film in the MCU. When it does its own thing, it's a really interesting and engrossing tale that traverses some new ground. When it has to remind viewers that it's an MCU film, it's pretty annoying. Perhaps because the tone is mostly different than the rest of the MCU, those moments feel jarring, and serve to take the viewer out of the storyline.

    This somewhat extends to the film's need to be an action…

  • Ringu


    More eerie than scary, Ringu is still an effective ghost story. The pathos was stronger than I expected it to be, and the subtle camera work did put me on edge.

  • The Many Saints of Newark

    The Many Saints of Newark

    The Many Saints of Newark accurately captures the style of The Sopranos, for better and for worse. The major awkwardness comes from the fact that the writing style of the series was replicated. On television, a meandering style without a clear arc can work better, as we often just like to spend time with the characters. While the film does this well, it feels odd to watch a feature that has so little momentum and push. The film often does…

  • Fear Street: 1666

    Fear Street: 1666

    Fear Street: 1666 is a very solid and satisfying, if not quite spectacular, ending to the Fear Street trilogy. It is probably the strongest film of the series, but that's mostly due to the fantastic fist half of the film. In this part, the film really shines, reusing actors to tell a great and interesting historical story. The film is able to effectively touch on ideas of sexism and homophobia during its historical tale. There are some wonderful twists that…

  • Fear Street: 1978

    Fear Street: 1978

    Winds up at about the same quality level as it's predecessor, though for different reasons. This film is more entertaining throughout, managing to better blend its exposition into its story. However, while 1994 found its stride in its third act, this film starts to falter at that point. It's about then when the film stops telling its own story, which it had done effectively, and starts forcing itself into the corner it needs to be in order to match up…

  • Fear Street: 1994

    Fear Street: 1994

    The films characters are likable and their relationships mostly believable.

    The cinematography is strong, without being hard to see.

    The dialogue is… not great.

    The 90s music goes a little overboard.

    The tone feels a little young for how graphic the film is

    This film serves as a sort of “entry level” slasher. Tonally it’s more in line with youth horror, but contains more cursing and gore. The results sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Overall the film is good. It’s well crafted and the decision to make all of the characters likable leads to some real tension at the end.

  • The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

    The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

    The cinematography is stunning. This film is far more beautiful than it needed to be.

    The relationship between Ed and Lorraine is great. The actors have excellent chemistry and you can see how they not only love, but also respect one another.

    The storyline is actually pretty interesting whenever the film isn’t trying to copy the other Conjuring films.

    It’s not scary. Like at all. Which is mainly a problem when the film tries to copy James Wan’s…

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II

    If you liked the first A Quiet Place you’ll probably like this one. It doesn’t really change the formula, but it updates just enough to not feel pointless.

    The film’s greatest strength, and greatest weakness, is that it focuses on individual sequences more than an overall narrative. This leads to the film’s set pieces being just as tense and terrifying as the first film’s. The sound design is absolutely perfect, using silence to fantastic effect. The performances are another highlight,…

  • The Guest

    The Guest

    This is a fun movie. Most of it serves as a serviceable, if somewhat straightforward and predictable, thriller. What elevates it is the lead performance of Dan Steven’s. Even though you pretty much know his deal early on, he’s charming enough to stay likable throughout and he’s clearly having a good time playing the character, which makes it fun to watch. The film muddies itself up in the third act (it doesn’t quite nail the balance of what to explain and what not to explain) but Stevens is able to hold attention through it all.

  • Troop Zero

    Troop Zero

    Troop Zero is a very cute film with a great message. It uses it's rural Georgia in the 70s setting to highlight a story about allowing children to be and become who they are, rather than forcing them to fit some mold. The brilliant cast of child actors hammers this home, as each one is unique and likable in their own way. Sure the film is a little hokey, and a little safe, and doesn't always give its plot points the attention they deserve, but it's so upbeat and meaningful that it's hard to actively dislike anything about it.