The Little Things

The Little Things ★½


Ooph ooph

Ooph ooph ooph

Man, I wish I liked this movie. This kind of film, mid budget thrillers with great actors, is exactly the kind of film I wish for made more often. Unfortunately, nothing about this film works.

That’s not entirely true. Denzel Washington is solid. It’s nothing he hasn’t done before, but it’s nice to watch him do his thing. Rami Malek is trying his best, but he overplays the character to the degree that many of the beats don’t feel earned.

And Jared Leto. Good god, Jared Leto. You’d have to think that, with globe and sag nominations, there would be some merit to the performance, but it really just feels like Leto is trying to play every single serial killer cliche that’s ever been done before all at the same time. It doesn’t help that he has to spout some of the worst dialogue in the history of the noir genre.

The script has some good ideas, but they’re lost in a sea of the “everything” that the film is throwing at the wall. It’s really trying to do so much, but as a result it doesn’t commit to anything, and thus nothing sticks.