The Father

The Father ★★★★★

The Father is a fascinating experience that may actually be able to do some good in the world. Having had a grandparent who suffered from dementia, I found myself empathizing with her in a brand new way after watching this film. Director Florian Zeller expertly uses the language of film to simulate the experience of losing one's mental faculties. As such, it causes the audience to understand the anger, fear and confusion that comes with (essentially) having your own mind betray you.

Anthony Hopkins sells this every step of the way. He never feels like a caricature, but rather as a real person who is trying to hold onto whatever they can. He is often frustrating, often sympathetic, and often tear inducing, all the while showing why he is a film legend. Olivia Colman expertly keeps up with him, serving as the main grounding influence of the film. She is a tether for the audience, albeit one with an emotional arc of her own that will feel all to familiar for anybody who's dealt with an aging relative.

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