Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator: Dark Fate ★★½

There is a lot that Terminator: Dark Fate gets right, and A LOT that it gets wrong. The greatest feat is the way the action is staged. The film takes advantage of its R-rating in order to deliver fights that have a real sense of impact. There's a clarity and a power to the action that's been missing from the series for a long time.

However, the script is really bad. The dialogue has a few fun moments, but it has far more lines that just do not work. The callbacks to the first two terminator films get excessive, and the attempts at humor by and large don't land. There are some interesting ideas in the story, but they go unexplored in favor of blatant exposition and moving onto the next action sequence.

As far as a fun few hours of action, one could do a lot worse. It's entertaining, if forgettable, and easily the third best film of the series. However, it comes nowhere near the success of the two masterpieces that kickstarted the franchise.