Soul ★★★★

I mean, it is Pixar. Soul continues their ever ongoing trend of blending heart and humor into an accessible and meaningful package for viewers of all ages. Soul's story, about a musician who dies before his big break and struggles to return to his body, is tailor made Pixar, something that can be used to ease kids into understanding more adult themes, which adults will instantly latch onto. The film's ultimate message is a powerful one, and one that led me to think about my own life.

The visuals are absolutely gorgeous, with the realism of the real world brilliantly contrasting with the surrealism of the world beyond. The world beyond does ultimately leave viewers a bit wanting. We don't see as much of it as one would think, and it does leave you wondering how much else there may be.

The film is emotional as well, though in my opinion its emotions don't pack quite as much of a punch as this years other Pixar film "Onward." (Though this film is far more thoughtful). It's definitely worth a viewing as an example of a film on the more mature end of Pixar's output.